I have been passionate about computers since before I can remember. ever since owning my own we have been glued together. I have done multiple courses and created various websites. worked in a computer shop for a couple of years. security is a strong focus of mine and have been enthusiastic about it for many a year now.

As of April 2016 I have been a member of SynAck's red team. An exclusive group of penetration testers participating in a closed bug bounty program.


SST (Web): CHECK Team Leader
View SST profile: here use code "MAR2017057"
Confirm CHECK Status: here First Name "Ross", Last Name: "Marks"

QSTM: CHECK Team Member
View profile: here use code "MAR2015031"

Advanced Threat Methodology: PGI training facility 2015

EDEXCEL Level 3 BTEC National Certificate IT Practioners (Software development)
  • Software development project - Merit
  • Programming concepts and practice - Merit
  • Business information systems - Pass
  • Visual programming - Pass
  • Website development - Pass

Information Technology: 3 credits at level 1, Chichester College (Chichester Campus)

Basic Dreamweaver (OCN): 3 credits at level 1, Chichester College (Chichester Campus)

IT2 Databases Using MS Access 2003: Learndirect at Progress learning, Chichester

The Prince's Trust: 12 week self development programme (12 AUG 2005)

Various GCSE's: english, maths, science, information technology, art (passes)

Udemy Certificates

Mobile peneration tesing of android applicaions Social Engineering from scratch Social Engineering, OSINT & Malware man in th emiddle attacks pentesting using android wireshark to hack like a pro website hacking from scratch ethical hacking bootcamp wordpress security web hacking and security kali linux hacking lab